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Software as a Service

buisness to buisness

Business to consumer

Opt-In (english: to opt (for something ) to decide on something) is an explicit consent procedure in which the end consumer must explicitly confirm the advertising contact beforehand by e-mail, telephone or SMS, for example.

The end consumer, who registers with his e-mail address in a distribution list (opt-in), receives the subsequent sending of a confirmation e-mail to confirm the registration. A double opt-in gives legal certainty to senders of e-mails with commercial content, since the sending of unsolicited commercial e-mails is not permitted.

The triple opt-in is the extended version of the double opt-in procedure. The Tripple Opt-In allows the customer to set the focus of the advertising. The Tripple Opt-In provides targeted information that is tailored to the customer’s wishes. The advantage: legal protection, less wastage, increase in the efficiency of information services or newsletters, increase in customer satisfaction and lower unsubscribe rates.

Search engine optimization

Search engine advertising

Lead generation is a widely used term from online marketing and describes the process of generating customers and user demands on a product or service.

Leads can be generated, for example, by participating in a competition, registering new customers and subscribing to a newsletter.

Content Marketing is the strategic marketing approach of creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and engage a clearly defined audience with the goal of driving profitable customer promotions.

Describes the generation of address data records for new customer acquisition generated via exclusive subject-specific specialist portals.

By cooperation we mean the merger of two or more partners with a strong reach. The partners thus benefit not only from their own reach but also from that of the partner. These cooperations can take place via competitions or exclusive content pages: See also the example of G+J cooperation in a competition

Within the framework of lead generation, exclusive leads can be generated through an exclusive topic-specific content page. Since the user is interested in the topic and reaches a registration via the special content, the probability of a qualified lead via the own content page is significantly higher.

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